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2017 Gallery

2017 Official Poster Angel Film Awards
& We thank our 2017 Partners and Sponsors

We Thank the 2017 Jury board members Russian
actress Vassa Kuzmina, Dutch actress Charlotte
Quanjel, French actress Eliza Calmat, Italian
TV Host & actress Antonella Salvucci, jury president
British actor Guy Siner, festival producer Dean Bentley,
and creative festival director Rosana Golden

Festival opening evening photo call avant
premiere evening film screening with filmmakers,
actors and writers

Opening Press Call with jury members and actors
from left Dean Bentley, Sue, Ana, Antonella Salvucci,
Eliza Calmat, Guy Siner, Charlotte Quanjel, Vassa Kuzmina,
Rosana Golden, Anna Ash Mackay, Daniela Spataru

Festival opening press and photo call with festival
director and producer Rosana Golden and Dean Bentley
and Japanese movie team NAOKI TIME IS LIFE

Monaco festival opening press & photocall with team from
Japan official film entry Naoki-Time Is Life actors
and director Kazuhiro Teranishi and Rosana Golden
creative festival director

Evening opening press and photocall with Spanish
actress Ana Turpin, actress Alexandra Braun
and producer of the movie UMA

Angel Film Awards Celebration press & photocall
with British actress Anna Ash Mackay, British
actor Maurice Byrne

Monaco opening press & photo call with British
award winning actress Daniela Spataru

Opening Press Call Awards Evening with US writer
Summer Starrs, Vassa Kuzmina, Robbie Moffat, Kazuhiro
Teranishi, Dean Bentley, Rosana Golden, Dr. Martha Hart
AFA goodwill Ambassador

'Shining Angels' Talent & Beauty at this year's
15th Edition Angel Film Awards Monaco International
Film Festival

The Chinese film INTERLOPER scooped 6 awards Chinese
actors, director and producers after awards press
call together with Rosana Golden and Dean Bentley Monaco
International Film festival creative director and producer

Japanese Actress Sarina Enoki, British Director Bobbie
Moffat, Japanese Producer Akemi Takeda, US Writer Summer
Starrs, British Actress Sue Brooke Miles

Monaco Evening Press Call JNN interview with filmmaker
Pascal Adam (Belgium) and the lead actors of his movie
THE WRITER Lirije Ibrahimi & French actor Dominique Perrin

Rosana Golden Festival Creative Director Monaco
International Film Festival interviewed by Subodh Gupta
from Journalism News Network UK - India

Press and photocall with Virginia from Canada,
Dr. Martha Hart Goodwill Ambassador Angel Film Awards,
Tammi Christopher AFA Screenplay Host

Monaco Evening press & photocall with team of
LUCID Niina Topp, Kate Stamp and VIP guest
Desiree Staples

Monaco Angel Film Awards host and jury member
Italian actress, model and TV presenter Antonella
Salvucci and producer Dean Bentley

Monaco opening press and photocall with team
official film from Japan OTOME SAKURA director
Hiroyuki Yokoyama,

Avant awards photocall with team official film
LUCID (UK) and In Loving Memory (India) from left
Kate Stamp, Adam Rose, Desiree Staples, Niina Topp,
Adam Morse, Rosana Golden, Laurie Calvert and Nikita Ivanenko

Press call interview on JNN and British director
Adam Morse the actor Laurie Calvert of LUCID

Monaco red carpet photocall with Belgium actress Lirije
Ibrahimi presenting her movie THE WRITER directed
by Pascal Adams

2017 Angel Film Awards Monaco Photo & Press call with
les trés belle actresses Ana Turpin (Spain), Antonella
Salvucci (Italy), Alexandra Braun (Venezuela)

'RED AND THE BLUES' Official Entry Monaco Photo Call'
Writer & Director Ramona Aristide looking fabulous,
British Actor Maurice Byrne

AFA Monaco International Film Festival press call:
CEO Gupta Subodh interviewing Justin Hardy on his
feature doc THE GREEN PARK (UK)

AFA Monaco press and photo call with the artist
and writer Mike COLQUHOUN and the Italian actress
Antonella Salvucci

AFA Monaco recent European Premiere with the writer
and director of French short film drama Niko Mikadze
and his lovely muse

Trés elegant four belle Angels in Monaco presenting
the movie 'Letter To April' directed by Amanda Brennan;
British female actors Sue Booke Miles, Daniela Spataru,
Robyn Mac Harry, Anna Ash Mackay

Angel Monaco International Film Festival evening avant
premiere press call with Dean Bentley, Vassa Kuzmina,
Antonella Salvucci

Charlie's Angels...Press & Photocall during the AFA Monaco
International Film Festival actress Vassa Kuzmina, actress
Eliza Calmat, actress Charlotte Quanjel, actress
Antonella Salvucci, actor Guy Siner

Press & Photo call with Akemi Takeda producer of official
film OTOME SAKURA written & directed by Hiroyuki
Yokoyama, Japan

Hello to Canada from Monaco..Angel Film Awards Monaco
International with OJ Hart, Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley,
(AFA Monaco Goodwill Ambassador) Dr. Martha Hart, Virginia
& Tammi Christopher (AFA Screenplay Awards Host)

Sponsors and Partners on big screen projecting prior movie

Glitz and Glam with actresses Anna Ash Mackay, Robyn Mac
Harry and artist & writer Mike Colquhoun

Jury Board Members & Host Antonella Salvucci, Tammi Christopher,
Eliza Calmat, Charlotte Quanjel, Vassa Kuzmina, Jury President
Guy Siner, Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Martha Hart,
Director of Programming Dean Bentley picture taken by Rosana
Golden Festival Director

The Director & Producer of the Angel Film Awards Monaco
International Film Festival Rosana Golden & Dean Bentley

Evening VIP Film Party for 'UMA' feature film entry
with Spanish actress Ana Turpin, Alain Maiki (director of UMA),
actress Charlotte Quanjel, actor Henry Zakka

Let's party British actress Sue Booke Miles, Daniela Spataru,
Robyn Mac Harry, director Justin Hardy, Italian actress
Antonella Salvucci, festival producer Dean Bentley

Lucid Dreams VIP Party Angel Monaco director of Lucid Adam
Morse, Rosana Golden, Desiree Staples and Spanish actress
Ana Turpin (UMA)

Angel Monaco Film Party Celebration with the Team from
INTERLOPER China, with Chinese producer Boa Zhang
and Japanese film producer Akemi Takeda, Chinese lead
actor Li Xiaochuan, director Yang Dajiang,
Cinematographer Meng Xiaoqing

La belle Anna Ash Mackay, Robyn Mac Harry, Daniela Spataru
and Sue Booke Miles having a ball at the Angel Film Awards Monaco

Celebrating with Alexandra Braun, Ana Turpin, Alain Maiki,
and Henry Zakka UMA feature film at the AFA in Monaco

Angel Monaco film party with Russian actress Vassa Kuzmina
and Italian actress Antonella Salvucci

Celebration with the Writer's Team at the AFA Monaco
International Film party event with Pascal Adam (director
of The Writer) and leading actor Dominique Perrin

Angel Monaco International Film Fest Event with Chinese
Actor Li Xiaochuan and Chinese Distributer and Producer
Boa Zhang

Pacific Angel Monaco film party event great team
RED AND BLUE British actor Maurice Byrne
and the writer director Ramona Aristide having a ball

Monaco Angel Film Awards Party celebrating film

Antonella, Pascal, Dominique wonderful time during
Angel Monaco festival week

Dancing Queens Angel Monaco with Margorzata Walczak
(The Touch Of An Angel), Barbara Tomasik (JNN),
Rosana Golden festival director

Beautiful Summer Starrs (US) writer having a ball
during Monaco International Film Festival film party event

Simply the BEST Davide San Remo rocking
the Angel Monaco film event

Angel Monaco LUCID party time amazing dressers Niina Topp,
Kate Stamp, Laurie Calvert, Adam Morse and Desiree Staples

Monaco, Monte Carlo by night

Dreamlike Monaco during the Angel Film Awards MIFF