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AFA Opening Press Call & Evening Gala & Film Party Pictures |  AFA Award Winners & Celebration

Opening 'A Welcome' to the Angel Film Awards
a.k.a. Monaco International Film Festival!

Angel Film Awards opening press call.. panda bear gifts from
the lovely Chinese actresses Weng Jiahui & Zhu Bingzhen

Rosana and Aiken toys from Beijing

Opening press call with 'A Dream of Red Mansions'
team & actors (China), and Festival Director Rosana Golden

Official Jury Members Yvonne Scio, Lamitta Frangieh
& Zeudi Araya Cristaldi President of Jury with Rosana
Golden Festival Director

President Jury Zeudi Araya Cristaldi & Jury
board member Eun Oh from Korea

Photo Call Opening festival Angel Film Awards
Monaco International

Press Call & Opening the Monaco fest..Angel Monaco 12 edition!

Official Film Poster for nominated film entries
to the AFA Monaco International Film Festival

Member of Jury actress & model Yvonne Scio, Rosana Golden
festival director & Korean director Eun Oh (Jury Member)

The formidable Lamia Khashoggi and Debra Mace
founders of the 'CHILDREN FOR PEACE' Foundation
and Dean Bentley Festival Executive Producer
and Co founder Angel Film Awards - Monaco International
Film Festival

Amazing Mike Colquhoun is weaving his magic at the festival

More toys from all over the planet for
'Cinema Angels give a toy' created by Rosan & Dean

Lovely Xiaoxiao Executive Producer (UK-China)
& Actor-Director Junichi (UK-Japan)

Photo call Opening Angel Monaco International..

Opening festival photo press call

Chinese Producers & President of Kunqu Opera
Beijing and Actors team at the Opening photo
call AFA Monaco International Film Festival

Photo call with Jane Clements (producer), Maurice Byrne,
Adam Thomas Wright, Abigail Titmus (actors in nominated film
'LADY LUCK' and director Jo Lewis (Breakneck Films)

First film ARLENE short animation opening day screening
Daria Jabenko and Anna Giladi illustrator and original music

Press call opening with Jane Clements & friend

Photo call feature film team SUMMER KYOTO with Japanese
director Hiroshi TODA, Mica TODA, Claude Yoshizawa
and filmmaker Ferenc Rakoczy (Switzerland)

Two Angels on earth..life coach & journalist Carol Ann Rice..
& actor Andreas Beckett (with his well deserved laurels)..

Let's take a shot Fabulous writers, musician and actor
Neil O'Neil, Ed Ward, Rosana Golden

Jury Angel la belle Actress & Model Yvonne SCIO

Jury Angel Eun OH and lovely' Sophie Alexander

Dean Bentley (festival executive producer)
in usual pose..with VIP guest

Rosana Golden AFA Monaco Festival Director, award
winning Actor, Director Junichi Kajioka, and Jacqueline
Lestrade (Monaco French Riviera Press)

International Actress Yvonne Scio & Dean Bentley

Photo Call with Mr. Ling Jinyu Party Secretary
& Director of the Northern KunQu Opera Theatre Beijing
& Chinese Actresses Weng Jiahui, Zhu Bingzhen
in traditional costumes

Let's take a shot super talent newcomer British
Actor 'Adam Thomas Wright' in his role as Paul in
'LADY LUCK' & Rosana Golden festival artistic director

China Opening with KunQu Opera actor Weng Jiahui

Opening festival photo call with Aiken, Xiaoxiao & Rosana

LIVING LEGENDS Director Niki Iliev
and actress Sanya Borisova

Avant Gala with Chilean Executive
Producer Francisco Bassignana tuxing up..

Avant Opening film screening of 'I KNOW YOU' UK
& A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS' China World Premiere

Avant Gala..photo call with filmmakers and writers
Colin & Ali Gerrard, Amanda Keener, Ana Lourdes
Rodriguez & Rosana Golden

Opening evening with the Amazing UK team of actors
directors, writers, Ed Ward, Suzanne Kendall,
Maurice Byrne, Lou Hamilton

Stunning Festival Opening with The Children For Peace
founders Lamia Khashoggi, Debra Mace and Jury Member
& Actress Lamitta Frangieh

Opening with US filmmaker Stephen David Brooks
(BINKY), Iranian filmmakers Pourya Azarbayjani, Mona Sartoveh

Evening opening avant screening..Dean, Rosana,
Lamitta Frangieh

Opening press call with actress Shina Shihoko Nagai
(Japan), producer Jane Clements (UK), festival director
Rosana Golden & actor-director Junichi Kajioka

Stunning US Actress Tara Emerson Scheibel
& US Director James Tumminia 'MY CHRISTMAS WISH'

Gala Evening at La Rotonde - Lenotré

Opening Festival Gala La Rotonde Aiken Z China correspondent, Dean Bentley, Rosana Golden, Colin Gerrard, Lamitta Frangieh

Filmmaker Niki Iliev and actress Sanya Borisova-Ilieva
'Living Legends' (Bulgaria)

'Everything is fine here' (Iran) director Pourya Azarbayjani and Mona Sartoveh (artistic director)

VIP Guest Gianni, Brigitte with Daniel Shelley UK
actor 'IMPHAL 1944'

Jane Clements, Dean Bentley, Lamitta Frangieh, Rosana Golden

Happy shiny people at the Opening Festival Gala stunning
jury Eun Oh, president jury Zeudi Araya Cristaldi in red,
amazing Lamitta Frangieh in white suit, lovely Mastress of Ceremony
Carole Ann Rice, and Mona Sartoveh and Pourya Azarbayjani

China - UK Opening for 'A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS with the Beijing Team of actors and president of the KUNQU Opera and producers from Goldstone pictures (China)

More happy shiny creatives..the Owen HART foundation
Canada led by Dr. Martha Hart documentary director of
'A LOOK BACK' with friends and her son OJ

Ladies in gold and black lace in party mood.. Lou Hamilton (award winning writer and director) & the Angel Monaco awards presenter and UK life coach journalist Carole Ann Rice

Mrs. & Mr. Keener and daughter Amanda Keener
shortlisted for 'Patchwork' (USA)

Enjoying the opening party winner of best film of the AFA 2013 Ashid Bahl, Martha Hart, OJ Hart and friends

'Summer Kyoto' director Hiroshi TODA & Mica TODA,
actress Shina Shihoko Nagai, Colin Sidney Wilmot (writer & artist),
Ana Lourdes Rodriguez (concert pianist, producer 'EL MAGO'),
Junichi Kajioka writer, director and actor of 'Imphal 1944'

'I KNOW YOU' Gala Opening in red Ali and handsome director Colin Gerrard with glam vamp in purple haze Ms. Rebecca Tranter (jury member and filmmaker), and lovely Sophie Alexander (UK)

Stunning Aiken Z producer Beijing and AFA jury member
Eun Oh Korean producer, director

flash flash Stephanie Boys filming for Fashion TV

get it on....more champagne

MonacoIFF Gala Opening - Daniel Shelley, Rosana Golden, Junichi Kajioka, Shina Shihoko Nagai

Opening night Mr.Ling Jinyu Vice President Kinqu Opera,
Mr.Li Jie Stellar Mega Movie & Television Beijing, Xiaoxiao
\Sun Anglo-Chinese, Lamitta Frangieh actress - producer Lebanon

Golden angel Lou Hamilton, Eun Oh, Zeudi Araya Cristaldi, Carole Ann Rice, Zhu Bingzhen, Dean Bentley & Gianni

stunning Suzanne Kendall shining bright
at the Angel Monaco Opening

Shortlisted writers at the Angel Monaco Opening...Neil O'Neil, Justin Miles, Dean M Drinkel

Monaco Angel Gala Opening with shortlisted writers
Angela & David J Paradise (UK) and Rosana

party still going on..

sure is...more bubbly svp..

Rosana Golden festival director and Li Dong Goldstone Pictures Beijing celebrating at the Opening Angel Monaco Gala

Italian American Model & Actress Yvonne Scio, US Director
James Tumminia, US-German Actor Andreas Beckett

Lovely and talented Anna Neubauer art house photographer in action

The Awards Celebration Night with Jury and Dame of Honour
and filmmaker, Eun Oh (in Original Royal South Korean Costume),
Carole Ann Rice in Marilyn Monroe evening gown, Lamia Khashoggi
in Lace & Diamonds Couture, Debbie Mace in avant-garde black
taffeta silk suit, Lou Hamilton in glam gala mini evening dress
with high over knie boots

Awards After party at Monte Carlo' Pacific Club..cheering with Eun Oh, Carole Ann, Lou, Rosana, Ashid and OJ

US - German Actor Andreas Beckett, Model Actress
Yvonne Scio, Producer Eun Oh, Xiaoxiao, Actress Shina
Shihoko Nagai

Lola sais hello during the Angel Film Aawrds Monaco

Mark Dezzani Riviera Life TV in full swing..rocking to the max!!

‘IN FUNK WE TRUST’ get it on with Andrea at Pacific MC..

Rock n' roll at its best.. UK actress Suzanne Kendal..moving on tune..Junichi Kajioka (actor - director - writer)

Dancing with Mr. Dean...awards night Monaco Angel

Awards night party with Lamitta Frangieh and OJ

Monaco International Film nights Jury President Zeudi Araya Cristaldi, jueru members Yvonne Scio, Eun Oh, Lamitta Frangieh

Monaco Angel Film Awards after party with UK-Japanese
Actor-Director Junichi Kajioka, and US Producer
and Concert Pianist Ana Lourdes Rodriguez

The Swiss team filmmakers of 'Ilona Dans La Foret' and Franco-Japanese cinephile Claude Yoshizawa

Gianni and US Actress Tara Emerson Scheibel

Soul Food at the Monaco Angel after party

Photo buzz after party.

Monaco Angel celebrating with our Canadian friends & filmmakers Ann, Martha Hart. Rosana Golden, Ashid Bahl

Cheers to bellisima Anna Giladi, Daria Jabenko,
Aken Z, Eun Oh during Angel Monaco Gala

Infectious smile UK Actor Daniel Shelley, Anna Neubauer Model and Art House Photographer for the Angel Film Awards Monaco International

Party animals UK-Canadian filmmaker-writer
Christian Piers Betley, Cheryl La Vin and Chris

Actress Lamitta Frangieh and Actress Sanya Borisova-Ilieva..Angel festival parties throughout Monaco

Festival Director Rosana Golden and Monaco-France
Press Jacqueline Lestarde

Let it rock!!! Martha Hart and Sis, Pascale Digeaux (Monaco France Society Photographer)

Japanese Directors Hiroshi Toda, Junichi Kajioka
with Dean Bentley Programming Director - Executive
Producer Angel Film Awards - Monaco International

Monaco Angel after party darling friends Stephanie Boys, Nino and friends

Chinese press photographer and Ling Jinyu Beijing Director
of Kunqu Opera Theatre, Stephanie Boys (Tendance TV),
Li Dong Goldstone Picture China

Serious partying..3:30 AM after awards happening never ends...Mona, Pourya, Francisco, Zeudi Araya

UK Actress Suzanne Kendall and UK Writer Dean M Drinkel

Go with the Beat...Monaco Angel after party

Celebrating friendship and the award winners 2014 Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival..see you all next edition.

And the party goes on.. sparkles and shines till very late...

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