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We welcome you to the 7th edition Angel International Film Awards
in tie with Donovan, Rosana Golden, crew of RTL TV Germany.. with William Forsythe..presented by Konnie Huq BBC TV host..!

AFA festival Opening press call..from left rock poet Donovan, BBC TV presenter Konnie Huq, US film director Diane Namm of movie 'Sacrifice', Tessa Papas, Maxie Leoussis & director Heather Harlow of movie 'Nous Deux Encore', US award winning actor William Forsythe 'Curve Of Earth', Rosana Golden, Dean Bentley festival artistic director, producer.

2009 Official Members of Jury & directors: Rosana Golden founder artistic director, Dean Bentley founder executive producer, AFA & BBC presenter - jury Konnie Huq, jury UK composer Martin Kiszko, The Hollywood Reporter film critic - jury Natasha Senjanovic, Italian actor - jury Luciano de Luca, MC vip coordinator Alexander Kaufmann.

'Curve Of Earth' William Forsythe and his daughter actress Rebecca Forsythe arriving to venue.

Rosana Golden, Japanese actress Keiko Kobayashi, Dean Bentley, Japanese singer YASUTAKA.

Actress, director Lily Rampenthal ('The Tomb Robbery Papyrus'),
actress Mar del Hoyo ('Encuentro'), Rosana, Karl Ollert (S.C.S.L. Distribution Germany), & 'Encounter' team director Nick Igea.

Donovan, Yasutaka, Mickey Wynne, Keiko, VIP Guest & Talent.

Donovan, Dean, William Forsythe

Media Sponsor 'The Hollywood Reporter' jury with cast/crew 'Curve of Earth'.

AFA industry Guest

Vip industry guest, special guest Kate Robbins (left).

....lets begin..Mickey on Guitar..Yasu..

Theatre Princess Grace...

Très belle Lily Rampenthal (The Tomb Robbery Papyrus)

Japanese/Chinese cast & crew

AFA on stage with Konnie Huq in tie member de la jurie

Award for Best AFA Best Humanitarian Short Film 'Sea Level Rising' directed by Jolanda Ellenberger (Switzerland)

The Independent Spirit Short film Angel Film Award received by its director Eckhard Kruse (Germany)

'Peace Celebration Screening' out of competitive section for Japan/China in Jun-Ai (True Love)

Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress for short film 'Encounter' (Spain), received by its director, writer Nick Igea

Suspense behind the scene...

full of joy!! Mar de Hoyo Angel Film Award for best actress in
'Encounter' Spain

writer, director Noel Kearns receiving on stage for his short film 'Enchanted Island' (Ireland), the AFA Best Producer award

US multiple AFA award winning short film 'Sacrifice'
an Angel Film Award for best director Diane Namm on stage!

happy faces..Diane Namm

This very special film from Greece,MC- France, US 'Nous Deux Encore' received best narrative, best original music and best short film
Angel Film Award on stage director, Heather Harlow & executive prod. Tessa Papas

Best Short Film 'Nous Deux Encore' Angel Film Award for Best voice - narration by Maxie Leoussis with eternal love to Yiannis Leoussis

Best feature documentary film received on stage by associated
producer Mercedes Grant (Canada)

The Angel Peace Award & Best Cinematographer - Jose Martin, for 'Basket Bronx' (Spain/US) a social awareness short film, on stage executive producer Gabriel Omania (Spain)

Best Actress - Angel Film Award - Alina Janowska in 'Reliable System' feature film (Poland)

Best Original Story - Angel Film Award - feature film 'Reliable System' received on stage by writer, director Izabela Szylko (Poland)

Best Original Short Story - Angel Film Award we welcome on stage Josephine Halbert, writer director 'Time Travel Boyfriend' (UK)

Winner of Best Art Short Film - Carmen Rozestraten 'After The Water The Clouds' (Spain)

'Tornado...Winner..Humanitarian Angel Film Award, Best Script, Best Original Music, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Supporting Actor, welcoming executive producer Anita Erasmus (South Africa) on stage

Anita Erasmus & Ansie Nel (producers) feature film 'Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperers' filmed entirely in South Africa

Multiple Winner Angel Film Awards - feature film 'My Airhostess
Roommate' (China), we welcome to stage writer, director Jiang Qingmin

Chinese Director Jiang Qingmin

The Independent Spirit - Angel Film Award - feature film 'The Tomb Robbery Papyrus' we welcome to stage, writer, director, actress, costume designer, Lily Rampenthal

belle & unique dress creation Ladies & Gentleman..Lily Rampenthal

...on stage seconds prior nomination best film...

BBC presenter Konnie Huq, Rosana & Dean Angel Trophy in hand..

The Angel Film Awards Trophy for Best Feature Film...goes to 'Curve Of Earth'...received by film's writer, director Lee Madsen

Lee Madsen holding Angel Trophy for Best Film..'Curve of Earth' actress Ursula Brooks, actress Zoe Hall and AFA jury, actor Luciano de Luca

AFA Best Actor nomination William Forsythe, Dean Bentley & Konnie Huq on stage

William Forsythe 'Best Actor Angel Film Award' feature film 'Curve of Earth'

Actress Kate Robbins UK (Nominee AFA Supporting Actress in 2006), presenting AFA Best Supporting Actress to Ursula Brooks (USA), 'Curve of Earth'

World Premiere 'Curve of Earth' AFA Best Ensemble Cast' - AFA Best Feature Film & AFA Best Supporting Actress award from left: Ursula Brooks, Lee Madsen, Zoe Hall, Tim Degraye, William Forsythe

Japanese Actress, Producer Keiko Kobayashi receiving 'Angel Trophy' AFA special 'Peace Celebration Award'

Angel Peace Celebration Award for Japan-China collaboration 'Angel Trophy' and their efforts for Jun-Ai (True Love) Kindergarten project - realizing social business through film-

Award Winning Chinese Director Jiang Qingmin & Japanese Actor & Singer Yasutaka holding on to their Angel Trophy

Lets Celebrate... cast and crew Japan - China collaboration..Jun-Ai (True Love) project

Al Ahram Al Arabi Culture Magazine Egypt represented by journalist & artist Reem Azmy (Egypt) to present The Al Ahram Al Arabi Award from Egypt to the Organizers of the Angel Film Awards, Dean Bentley, Rosana Golden

The Angel Film Awards - Media Partner Al Ahram Al Arabi: presenting three honorable awards towards le finale of ceremony

Reem & Rosana on stage, Reem Azmy presenting The Al Ahram Al Arabi Award from Egypt to Lily Rampenthal director for The Tomb Robbery Papyrus feature film & project

Reem Azmy awarding Keiko Kobayashi producer for Jun-Ai - Tue Love project - The Al Ahram Al Arabi Award from Egypt

Yasutaka accompanied on Guitar by Mickey Wynne (London)

All for peace..Keiko and Rosana announcing... Yasutaka to sing his version of 1963 worlds-hit by 'Kyu Sakamoto' Sukiyaki

Rosana, Yasutaka, Keiko

..much applause...amazing song..

The Angel Film Award - Lifetime Achievement Award...
on being announced shortly...

Now we all know who it is..ZDF German TV presenter Heike Maurer...a huge Donovan fan..holding hands..there also is Linda...Don's life long Muse and Wife..both being awarded for all the beautiful music in film - poetry & art

Linda & Don

Don & Dean ....will surprise you...

Donovan & Dean Bentley performance...RTL German TV

Mellow Yellow...Don & Dean version...

Don let it rock...

duo..rocking...yellow & mellow..

Donovan and his favoured green guitar..final tunes..
great performance..

TV Host Heike Maurer leading the way ...to the awards celebration rock n' roll party..at Monte Carlo Bay Resort..Blue Gin Lounge ..

VIP festival guest..

VIP Festival guest ..and US award winning actor William Forsythe..ready to celebrate..

VIP film industry guest..after performance..Princess Grace Theatre

Prince Polignac of France and his daughter Aurelia..and friend

Carolynne Wyper-Pivotal-Picture, actor Tim Seyfert, singer/actor
Yasutaka, writer/director Josephine Halbert.

Donovan & Italian actor Luciano de Luca..lets rock on to 'CURVE OF EARTH' party happening..more pics ..at festival & party picture gallery!