15th THE ANGEL FILM AWARDS - Monaco International Film Festival angel awards


Tuesday 5th December - Day 2 Official Selection Screenings

Festival – Official Line-Up – Daytime & Evening Screenings - Question and Answer session with the Filmmaker & Crew or Cast members

15:00 'European Premiere' "FISH STEW" Family Drama (US) (11:58)

Directed by Ran Jing, Written by Ran Jing & Bridge Johnson, Produced by Ran Jing; DP/ Cinematography: Josh Fisher; Editor: Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast;

Starring: Angel Pai (Alice); Ben Jaeger-Thomas (Matt); Geoff Lee (Hong); Pierre Rueda (EMT)

Storyline: A divorced woman pretends that she’s still married for the benefit of her aging, traditional-minded sick father. (Writer and Director attending) (Writer and Director attending)

15:15 'World Premiere' "RED AND THE BLUES" Drama (UK) (14 min)

Written & Directed by Ramona Aristide; Produced by Karina Bucilina; DP/Cinematography: Gianfranco Recupero; Editor: Daniel Irons; Music: Filip Parulski

Starring: Georgina Bluck (Lou); Maurice Byrne (George); Chris Bearne (Homeless Man); Adrian Staicu (Neighbour)

Storyline: A young girl reaches adolescence in a deprived part of east London, her only support a homeless man and her emotionally distant father. (Director and Cast attending)

15:30 'European Premiere' "TOUCH" Drama (Canada) (15 min)

Written, Directed & Co-Produced by Noel Harris; Producer: Mark O’Neill; DP/Cinematography: Nigel Markham; Editor: Chris Darlington; Production Design: Glenn Barrett; Original Music by Greg Hawco

Starring: Darryl Hopkins (Paul); Krystin Pellerin (Connie); Jorja King (Emily); Benjamin Harris (Benjamin)

Storyline: When a single mom, facing eviction, is offered a night’s work, she unsuccessfully seeks a babysitter for her two small children. Desperate, she reaches out to the last person she wants to ask for a favour... (Director and Producer attending)

16:00 'European Premiere' "THE WRITER" (Drama/Romance) (Belgium) (5:14 min)

Written, Directed & Produced by Pascal Adam; DP/Cinematography & Editing by Bernard Sonck; Original Music: Aurélien Hamy

Starring: Leading actress: Lirije Ibrahimi (The Writer); Dominique Perrin (the Man)

Storyline: A writer goes to her favorite restaurant to write on her new romance...will it be her own? (Director and Cast attending)

16:15 'European Premiere' "THE GREEN PARK" Feature Documentary Film (UK) (70 min)

Directed by Justin Hardy; Co/Director: Jack Fishburn; Written by Jack Fishburn; Original Story by Marsha Lee; Produced by Marsha Lee, Jack Fishburn, Muireann Price, Fabiana Abadi; DP/Cinematography by Matthew Wicks, Owen Davies; Editor: Tom Bober; Digital Effects (Animation) Jon Underwood; Original Music Composer: Joseph Reuben

Synopsis: The story of The Green Park, a glamorous kosher hotel opened in 1943 on the British Riviera. The film serves as a poignant, moving and humorous lens on Jews in post war Britain, and British holiday culture. (Director and Producer attending)

17:30 INTERVALtime to get dressed up and ready for the evening screening


20:30 “Un Caffè con Antonella” (A coffee with Antonella) (Italy) (5:49 min) Out of Competition

Directed by Sade Patti;

Starring: Antonella Salvucci

This is an unpublished & original vision to raise awareness of the hot topic of immigration.

A "one woman show", thanks to the interpretive qualities of the protagonist actress, makes the spectators live an intense journey through her eyes. (Actress attending)

20:45 "Muza" (The Muse) (Russia) (13 min) Out of Competition

Directed by Mikhail Malinovsky; Produced by Anastasia Belskaya

Starring: Vasilisa (Vassa) Kuzmina, Vasily Simonov

This is a story of an artist and his inspiration, imagination and passion. The characters, created by I. Bunin for his same - named novel, help us to understand the philosophy of one of the greatest writers of the first half of 20th century in Russia (Director and Actress attending)

21:00 'World Premiere' "IN LOVING MEMORY" Drama (India/ Russia) (29:57)

Written & Directed by Chandradeep Das; Screenplay by Chandradeep Das & Imamul Islam; Produced by Nikita Ivanenko & Bhavana Goparaju; DP/Cinematography: Asim Bose; Editor: Sanjib Datta; Production Designer: Tanmoy Chakraborty; Original Music by Susan Jeanne DiBona, Salvatore Sangiovanni

Starring: Sreelekha Mukherji (Emily Rosario); Sudipta Bhowmick (Young Emily); Anjan Gupta (Mr. Rosario); Tanusree Chakraborty (Mother); Rina Seal (Maid); Priyanka Bhattacharjee (Rinku); Master Rajdeep (Kanai)

Storyline: A lonesome and morbid old woman commissions her own tomb. One morning, she discovers something unusual near it which changes everything. (Producer attending)

21:30 'World Premiere' "LUCID" Psychological Thriller (UK) (86 min)

Written & Directed by Adam Morse; Produced by: Adam Rose; DP/Cinematography: Michel Dierickx; Editor: Gabriel Foster Prior; Production Design: Niina Topp; Original Screenplay: Adam Morse; Music Composer: Walter Mair

Starring: Laurie Calvert (Zel); Billy Zane (Elliot); Sophie Kennedy Clark (Kat); Felicity Gilbert (Jasmine); Sadie Frost (Georgina); Cristian Solimeno (Theo)

Marked by the directors own experiences in life in writing and directing this autobiographical film...believing is dreaming

Storyline: A lonely young man’s life changes when an enigmatic neighbour teaches him how to lucid dream. (Director, Producer and Cast attending)


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